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E S T B  2006
Like many Window Cleaners nowadays we also use a Pure Water system to clean our windows too. There are many benefits to this method, not only can we reach windows that a 'traditional' window cleaner can't access (e.g. above a conservatory) it also allows us to clean the frames and sills as well, all from the safety of the ground.

Although there are some skeptics about this method and you may have heard some negative comments, in our experience (over 5 years using the Pure Water system) we can honestly say that it does give a better clean. Nobody doubts that there is a certain degree of 'skill' involved in traditional cleaning with a squeegee and applicator; it is the same with this method as well. If a cleaner is not competent at this method (unlike us might we add) then it will leave marks behind. The video below explains more of the science of this technique.

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